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about-usThe Spanish Association of University Lecturers in Accounting (ASEPUC), is a cultural, not for profit corporation, formed in accordance with the Spanish Associations Legislation to bring together Accounting Lecturers teaching in Spanish Universities.

ASEPUC aims, through its activities, and in order to fulfil its objectives, to support its members in their teaching and research related tasks paying special attention to those embarking on a university course.

The Association aspires to be a meeting point bringing together all the lecturers in Accountancy thereby facilitating a knowledge and working materials exchange as well as promoting wide public dissemination of their achievements.


ASEPUC is the only teachers’ organisation in Spain in the field of Accounting and with members numbering nearly a thousand enjoys the membership of over 80 % of the lecturers in the discipline.

Full Association membership is open to individuals who teach or have taught Accounting in public or private Spanish universities.

Associate membership is open to foreign lecturers or entities with links to Accounting.

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Creation of the Association

ASEPUC was formed at the Meeting which took place on May 31st 1991 and was duly recognised and registered on 7th August of the same year in accordance with Spanish legislation.